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From Courageous Conversations,

To Sustainable Results!

Personal & Professional Coaching

Define your own plans and drive your own solutions through one-on-one :

  • Focused dialogue 

  • Strategic exploration 

  • Courageous inquiry

  • Accountable action 

Leadership Development Coaching

​Set your goals, identify your gaps, and begin an intentional journey to success:

  • Career Development Plans

  • 360 Degree Feedback 

  • Personal Learning Agenda

Transition & Retention Coaching

Expedite learning and customize action plans from the voice of key stakeholders:

  • New Leader Assimilation

  • Retention "Stay" Interviews

  • Facilitated Focus Groups

What is Professional Coaching?

The coaching industry has grown rapidly in recent years primarily in response to the need to manage "change". Whether it be changes to our life's goals, our career aspirations, demands on our leadership ability, or other changes that impact us on a personal or professional level, at times assistance is needed to help us figure out what to do, what to do next, or what is stopping us from doing what we want to do.

Working with a professional coach provides the catalyst for discovery that leads to maximizing your personal and professional potential, and positions you to take control of what you want to do with confidence and determination.

Coaching substantially increases your ability to define your goals and ensure the outcomes you seek to achieve. 

Why Coaching Is For You!

  • Define your career path 

  • Transition between leadership roles

  • Develop and convey your leadership vision

  • Identify and address personal obstacles

  • Explore new approaches to your leadership challenges 

  • Utilize new tools for personal development and accountability

  • Find creative solutions for conflicts

  • Fulfill your intentions for positive change in your professional career, in your team, in your organization, and in turn, your life! 

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