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Talent Management

Ask important questions, get powerful results! Coach facilitated discussions can generate insights for fast action and impactful improvements.

New Leader Assimilation

New leadership role? New team members assigned to a new leader? Jump start building a solid working relationship between new boss and subordinates through an assimilation process. 

  • Group facilitation held with chosen participants

  • Structured questions designed to quickly surface important issues and expedite getting know your new team/boss 

  • Summarized feedback provided to new leader for follow-up

Retention "Stay" Interviews

Be proactive, find out what's on their mind before another company does. Ask key people powerful questions to find out what keeps them on your team and what could drive them away.  

  • One-On-One interviews with chosen participants

  • Confidential discussion that gets at the heart of what really matters

  • Feedback on key take-aways with recommendations for action

Contact TLK Coaching to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs (up to 30 minutes).

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