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Does it really need to be "Lonely At The Top"!?

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Is it the long hours, the stress that comes with responsibility, the perceptions that go with power or is it something else that contributes to that feeling of isolation when you are in a higher level leadership role?

What can you do to maintain, strengthen or even re-establish the connection to your team, your peers and your organization? In order to more fully engage with those around you, you need to start by ensuring you are fully present for them and for yourself! Engage your own support system by tapping into the people, places and things that allow you to use your strengths, express your creativity, connect with who and what recharges your battery and gives your personal resilience an opportunity to re-balance your stressed-self with your best-self.

The identification of people, places, and things that will assist you, is truly an intentional process. Let's get started!

People...who are your go-to friends, relatives, peers, colleagues? The ones you feel most comfortable asking for feedback, bouncing ideas off, or blowing off steam with on your worst days. Not a long list? Then make a deliberate effort to add to that list starting today! Reach out and begin building and strengthening trust bonds with those you can call on for partnership in dealing with truths, challenges, and crisis. Identify a few people, and tend those relationships with intention and respect. Then, create opportunities to check-in with those around you and with the larger groups that are in your circle of influence. Again, intent makes the difference! Schedule time; strategically identify venues and occasions that make sense for you to be present for discussion and interaction - ask questions, and most importantly listen to the answers!

Places...find the locations that provide you the time and space to breathe and re-center when chaos and noise dial up the stress level. A walk in a park, the corner coffee house, the treadmill at the gym, or maybe in your office with the door closed and the lights off - wherever it is, don't hesitate to take your moment - to breathe - to think - and to make room for yourself in your day.

Things...whether committing to a workout regimen, attending your children's activities, reading books, practicing mantras, hiking a trail, attending classes, or listening to your favorite music, there is great value in routines and habits that allow us to reinvest, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Maintaining ourselves is the first step in maintaining the relationships around us. Positive energy can attract positive energy - so be sure to fuel up!

Coach's Closeout...Build your personal infrastructure with the strength you would that of your home; ready to support you in sunshine or storm.

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